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Refund of VAT from abroad

VAT is added to net amounts of invoices of foreign fuel providers and tolls and also to hotel services, fairs, exhibitions, trainings and seminaries.

Each entrepreneur needs to refund abroad VAT tax for proper management of company’s finances.

According to law entrepreneurs can stand for VAT refund from tax authorities in country where this tax was paid.

Currently it is possible in most European countries and in some outside Europe.

From 1st January 2010 enterprises with centrals on area of European Union can apply for VAT refund in other Union’s countries via Internet. Even so this seeming simplification of procedure, applications needs to fulfil strictly determined by particular member countries conditions and often direct contacts with foreign tax authorities are needed.

On the other hand applications submitted to countries outside European Union always need to be submitted in paper form.

Because of language barriers and differences between law regulations of each countries process of VAT refund can be long and complicated and mistakes may lead to loss of requested amount.

We can offer our services in area of VAT refund that can guarantee to you refund of any possible amounts of VAT tax paid abroad.

We analyse all of payment documents received from customer (invoices and receipts), which gives you guarantee of accurate application without loss of even the smallest refundable VAT tax amounts. Our rule is to non-billing for application so we do not confine customer in decision if applying will be economic for him. Customer always gets paid VAT.
The lowest refundable amount is 50 Euro.

While using our help you don’t need to involve time nor money.

Customer pays us only after refund of his tax. Our honorarium is percent from refunded amount. Registration Form

We are offering to our customers three options of VAT refund in very good prices:

  1. 1. Regular refund where customer gets VAT refund after it is refunded by Transtax from abroad. With regular refund Transtax applies quarterly for tax restoration in proper Office based on all invoices or bills provided by customer that customer get from abroad and that concerns applied period. Refund term in this option can last from 3 weeks to 4 months depending on country of application.
  2. 2. Quick or term refund relies on prepaid to customer his tax by Transtax, so customer gets refund on his account during 10 work days from provision of all invoices and other necessary documents. This refund concerns original invoices of all suppliers from particular country for period of application that are delivered to us in scheduled term.

Condition of realisation quick or term tax refund is both submittal by customer necessary, important documents and also achievement of particular country’s law-predicted minimal requested amount.

Depending on refund term chosen by customer – short (e.g. 2 weeks) or long (e.g. quarterly), honorarium taken by Transtax can vary. Registration Form

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