About us

Experiences of Transtax Sp. z.o.o. dates back to 1998 when we started in Italy to serve transportation companies from Western Europe and since then we are constantly working for needs on international transportation in whole Europe.

In 2003 we opened in Warsaw an agency that is engaged in VAT refunds. At the present time we are serving about 1000 customers.

In subsequent years number of our customers was growing because we were gaining their trust and they were confiding us their companies’ service in area of VAT and excise tax refunds.

While facing other needs of transportation companies we have entered market of fuel cards and tolls what enables complex service of customers from transport and shipping industries.

Currently we are focused on following services:

  • Provision of fuel and service cards that are active in whole Europe and some Asian countries. Fuel cards
  • Refund of VAT from countries of European Union and third countries for customers with central on area of European Union and outside of Union. VAT
  • Refund of Excise Duty from countries of European Union for customers with central on area of Union. Excise Duty

If you would like to know more about our offer and join the circle of over 1000 companies in Poland and abroad, which are already profiting from our services for years, then please fill out the registration form.

After getting enquiry from you we will contact you during 1 working day and after that we will send you exact information about our offer.

Why us?

  • Complex service in area of refund of VAT and excise tax from abroad
  • Individual approach to customer
  • Offer of fuel and service cards exactly tuned to customer’s needs
  • Offer of cards and devices that enables cash-free locomotion on all routes of Europe
  • Professionalism and engagement
  • Staff specialised in area of international tax law
  • Service of companies on area of whole European Union
  • Attractive commisions
  • No entry fees
  • Clear rules of cooperation
  • No need of direct customer’s contact with office – possibility of exchange information and documentations via e-mail, phone and mail contact

Quick Contact

Transtax Sp. z o.o

ul. Jaktorowska 4 lokal 6, 01-202 Warszawa Tel./fax: 048 222 58 14 87 Email: sekretariat@transtax.eu