Fuel cards

Transtax Sp. z.o.o. in cooperation with international fuels’ distributors offers fuel-service cards that give you possibility to among others cash-free purchase of fuel, gas oil and AdBlue. Cards are accepted on about 50 000 gas station in all countries of Europe and some Asian countries.

Cards are also accepted on many gas stations on highways of most European countries.

Thanks to this fact they can be used by coach conveyors that during refuelling enable their passengers to use restaurants, bars and toilets.

Cards enables to gas discounts and also to pay for additional services like ferries, ROLA, repairs, assistance and even fines.

We can offer two types of cards:

1. Pre-paid 2. Post-paid
  • minimum formalities related to registration and issuing of cards
  • no payments protection
  • unlimited amount and frequency of down payments
  • invoicing once per month
  • clear conditions of credit limit bestowing
  • invoicing twice per month
  • convenient terms of payment
  • individually established forms of payment’s security
  • attractive discounts



Each of our customers has 24h access to information service where they can verify places and quantity of refuelling of their drivers at any time. It gives them full control of issues connected with logistics and funding of fuel’s purchase.

Fuel cards are secured by PIN code. Authorisation of card’s transaction is on-line. People responsible for fleet define types of fuel and service available for particular card and defines limits of refuelling.

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