Refund of excise duty tax from abroad

Excise tax is added to gas. Each entrepreneur needs to refunded abroad excise tax for proper management of company’s finances.

Possibility of partial refund of this tax in some European Union countries have transportation companies and coach conveyors with central on area of Union and that often gets gas oil from abroad.

Excise tax can be refunded from following countries:

  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • France
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Italy (in Italy coaches cannot apply for refund of excise duty tax, but an exception are day-liners that runs according to timetable)


Vehicles entitled to excise duty tax refund for refuel are:

  • lorries with gross vehicle mass above 7.5 tones
  • coaches – of M2 or M3 categories, which are ones with passenger sits in number more than 8.


Currently, the refund amounts for 1,000 liters of fuel vary by country and may change on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.
• Belgium – approx. EUR 60.43
• Croatia – HRK 185.6/L
•    France:
carriage of goods – EUR 157.00
passenger transport – EUR 217.10
• Spain: refund amounts depend on the region where the refueling took place and range from €1 to €49.
• Slovenia has not yet announced refund amounts for Q1 2023.
• Hungary – HUF 3,500
• Italy has yet to announce refund amounts for Q1 2023.



Because of language barriers and differences between law regulations of each countries process of excise duty tax refund can be long and complicated and mistakes may lead to loss of requested amount.

Applications needs to fulfil strictly determined by particular member countries conditions and often direct contacts with foreign custom authorities are needed.

To enable you to refund of excise duty tax we are offering our complete service. It relies on analysis of all received invoices and other necessary documents and faultless motion’s application without loss of even the smallest refundable tax amounts. Under service we are corresponding with foreign custom services.

While using our help you don’t need to engage time nor money.

Customer pays us only after refund of his tax. Registration is free. If requested amount will be lower than our minimal provision you won’t pay extra for sending of such application – Registration Form


We are offering to our customers two options of excise duty tax refund:

  1. Regular refund where customer gets excise refund after it is refunded by Transtax from abroad. With regular refund Transtax applies for tax restoration in proper Office based on all invoices provided by customer that customer get from abroad and that concerns applied period. Refund term in this option can last from 3 months to 2years depending on country of application.
  2. Term refund relies on prepaid to customer his excise tax by Transtax no more than once per quarter. Customer gets quarterly refund on his account during 10 work days from provision of all invoices and other necessary documents to Transtax. This refund concerns original invoices of all suppliers from particular country for period of appliaction.

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